A Long Weekend in Amsterdam

The Dutch capital is known for its liberal attitudes, gorgeous architecture, and famous canals – and the fact it’s a great night out. If you’ve only got a few days to visit this charming city and want some inspiration about how to make the most of it, then read ahead for our guide to a long weekend in Amsterdam!


There are some brands that you know mean luxury and comfort, and this is once again proven to you as you step into the atrium of the Amsterdam Marriott. Friendly staff promptly check you into your room, and you’re left to freshen up in the chic but welcoming surroundings.

Soon you’re ready to step out and explore this gorgeous, unique city. Your first stop is the nearby Vondelpark,an expansive green space full of wonderful walking and cycling paths, interesting statues, sparkling water features, and beautiful flora. After taking in all the nature, you make the short journey to the Rijksmuseum, where you can check out pieces from the Dutch Masters, as well as plenty of other iconic artists.

All that wandering down paths and through galleries has made you hungry, so it’s time to head to your lunch reservation: Flore. This exquisite spot utilises fresh, local ingredients to craft bright, bold contemporary dishes that also have a real delicacy about them. The wine and juice pairings are to die for, so make sure you indulge.

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Feeling satisfied, you then head to the photography exhibit Foam, where you get a chance to see some great stills from up-and-coming international and local talents. Then it’s time to explore the city’s many canals, which ripple out from the central train station and are lined with stunning architecture.

You eventually wind up at your dinner spot: Graphite by Peter Gast. This is a truly unique spot, and not just because of its Michelin star. Graphite has a clubby setting, with low lighting and loud music, but serves high-end pan-European food with a focus on dishes with Dutch heritage (served with interesting and rare wines). The music gets you in the mood as you eat, and after a couple of hours of spectacular dishes, you’re ready for the night.

Just a stone’s throw from Remembrand Square lies Air Amsterdam, one of the biggest and best clubs in the Dutch capital. Despite the plethora of nightlife options available in the city, there’s always a queue here, and as you walk past the line and into the VIP section (organised via our nightlife concierge service), you’re immediately struck by the infectious party vibe.

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Hours of fun follow, where you dance to cool beats and meet wonderful people. As you bundle yourself into a taxi and heed the call of your Marriott bed, you already can’t wait for what tomorrow will bring.


A quick continental breakfast at the hotel (complete with stroopwafel) is followed by a taxi to Anne Frank House, the museum dedicated to the famous teen diarist who gave us such a vivid insight into life hiding from the Nazi regime. This sombre but important museum is well worth the trip, and gives you a new look at an emotive topic. After you leave, you meander down to the National Monument, before walking around Begijnhof, a spot in the city with some of its finest architecture that also once housed a number of interesting groups of people.

It’s time to bring the mood back up, and lunch allows you to do just that. Experimental, trendy, and modern, Restaurant 212 has truly earned its 2 Michelin stars, delivering not only on flavour but every other sensation required to turn a great meal into an unforgettable experience. The food is so good you don’t mind that you haven’t booked the wine pairings to go along with it, but you have to be sensible because of your post-lunch plans.

For bookings at Restaurant 212 send us an email

After an unbelievable meal, your next stop is the Heineken Experience, where you’re delighted and enlightened by a one-and-a-half-hour tour of the former brewery. The cherry on top? Three ice-cold, freshly poured beers on a rooftop terrace to reward you for all that learning.

Feeling merry, you head off to dinner at Spectrum. Situated in the Waldorf Astoria, this spot uses high-end ingredients to recreate local fare, but with modern twists. Succulent meats are joined by colourful veg and food prepared in ways you didn’t know possible, and this time you do get the wine pairing to go along with it.

For bookings at Spectrum send us an email

Before you know it, it’s time for your second big night out, and the venue is one that lives up to how excellent everything else has been so far: Jimmy Woo, and its two stories of club heaven. The Asian-inspired decor makes you feel like you’ve been transported across the word, but the music brings you right to the dance floor. Private tables are available through our nightlife concierge service, and you were smart enough to use that to your advantage. You spend the night flitting between sips of champagne at your table and dancing with the cool crowd. As the night winds down, you head back to your bed, ready to fall asleep one last time in the city but nowhere near prepared to leave.

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You get one last dose of culture before you head back home by visiting the Van Gogh museum. Although you have a fuzzy head, the walk isn’t far, and viewing the famous painter’s works brings you back to life – as does the prospect of lunch at Oriole. This gorgeous oasis of a restaurant is a gift of green right in the centre of the city, and the fresh, delicious menu matches the splendour of your surroundings.

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As you finish up your final meal in Amsterdam, you think about what a blast you’ve had in the city, and are already keen to return for more fun in the future.

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