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A Long Weekend in Lisbon

The Portuguese capital of Lisbon is the perfect blend of classy and cutting loose, with ancient, awe-inspiring monuments and modern attitudes to partying and other pursuits. A cultural mecca of the best kind, you’ll be enamoured by its hilly, cobbled centre and seaside proximity. And, best of all, it’s absolutely stunning to walk around. If you’ve always wanted a Lisbon long weekend, then read ahead for our guide to getting the best out of this pretty city.


The Four Seasons Hotel Ritz London is just as beautiful as you’d expect, yet even this gorgeous hotel is simply par for the course when it comes to this good looking city. You’re quickly checked in and you refresh yourself before going out for some morning sightseeing. You head to the famous Belém Tower, and from there wander past the nearby Padrão dos Descobrimentos monument, before taking a nice stroll north to Jerónimos Monastery. Here, you spend some time exploring the ancient church turned museums (yes, two), and learn about the vast history of this important city.

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You’ve worked up an appetite with all that walking, so you head to Alma for lunch. This 2-star restaurant is too good to miss out on, especially as it serves some of the best takes on Portuguese food in the entire country. The head chef uses local, fresh ingredients and techniques picked up from all over the world to bring the best out of Portuguese cuisine, and when paired with the brilliant wines on the extensive list, the culinary experience here is second-to-none.

You need to walk off that brilliant lunch, and a trip to the neoclassical Palácio Nacional da Ajuda does just that. You spend some time meandering through the beautiful building and its gardens, and before you know it dinner time is upon you – but, once again, you have some great reservations, this time at Loco.

Another starred restaurant that focuses on the local cuisine, Loco is always a surprise in the best possible way. The rotating tasting menu never fails to delight with its inventiveness and, importantly, brilliant flavours, and as you finish the last of your 15 courses you’re wishing there was more, even though you’re so full you can’t move.

Wine and cocktails helped you get merry, and now it’s time to let loose at one of the city’s most exclusive nightclubs: Silk Club. This high-end venue is the spot to be seen in the Portuguese capital, and with our nightlife concierge service you can make sure your private table is reserved, so you can get the very best experience. Before you know it, the last champagne bottle has been popped, and you’re on your way back to the Four Seasons, where you drop straight into a deep sleep on your cosy, plush bed.

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You sweat out the previous day’s partying exertions with a trip to Parque Florestal de Monsanto, which is also home to several brilliant hiking trails that offer panoramic views of Lisbon. After working up a big appetite, you head to your lunch reservations at Eneko.

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Another starred spot, Eneko serves up Basque-inspired flavours, and boy does it deliver on quality, taste, and experience. When paired with the suggested wines, each dish becomes a taste sensation. And, despite the excess, sustainability is at the heart of what they do, so you can feel good about gorging yourself on the delights they serve.

It’s time to head to the heart of the bustling capital and check out the beautiful Lisbon Cathedral, before sauntering down the road to view the famous Arco da Rua Augusta. You spend some time exploring this part of the city, known for its high end shops and expansive boulevards, and soon it’s dinner time.

Belcanto, a contemporary Portuguese spot with 2 stars, is an unforgettable gastronomic experience. There’s no doubt you go on a journey when eating here, and the local wines they serve here only enhance this already incredible dining event further.

After being fed, watered, and then some, you head to your second nightlife venue of the weekend, and one of the most classy in the city: K Urban Beach Club. Right on the waterfront and also complete with a pool, there are two floors of fun at this exclusive nightclub. VIP is a must here, too, but once you’re in you’ll be glad you skipped the queue. Even though it feels like the fun is just beginning, it’s suddenly 6am and you’re headed back to the hotel for one last sleep before you have to leave this magical city.


In the morning you make sure you get some culture in to balance last night’s excess, and you head to Castelo de Sao Jorge, one of the most historic sites in this ancient city, and spend an hour or two exploring what it has to offer. After taking in the stunning building and learning about its history, it’s nearly time to leave, but not before one last brilliant lunch – this time at Palacio Chiado.

Blending history and gastronomy, this unique restaurant delivers on taste and surroundings, being located in an old palace. As you sip on a cocktail and sample some of their fresh seafood, you can’t help but think about returning to Lisbon someday soon – the city has captured your heart, like it does for so many.

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