Fine Dining in Dublin

Dublin is known for its stunning historic centre, brilliant literary and musical history, and as an excellent place to have a few beers and shoot the craic. The food scene isn’t something it’s particularly famous for, with Irish dishes often dismissed with terms like “hearty” or “filling.” However, the Irish capital is home to a number of standout restaurants that have received the highest praise from all kinds of industry publications, including the much coveted Michelin star.

While some of these eateries reflect Dublin’s international make-up, there are also some fresh takes on classic Irish cuisine, showing that it’s not just meaty breakfasts, Guinness, and heavy stews this country has to offer. If you’re headed to Dublin and want a touch of class before you hit Temple Bar for a wild night out, check out some of these fine dining establishments in the Irish capital!


Okay, technically, this restaurant is in the seaside town of Blackrock, but it’s only a twenty-minute drive or thirty-minute train from the city centre to get there, and even if the journey were double that, it would be worth the trek. Liath is a contemporary spot that is as stylish as it is friendly, with knowledgeable staff who can guide you through a culinary experience like no other. Ingredients are locally sourced, and the menu changes depending on the season. However, the end product is consistently astounding, with stunning presentation, big, bold flavours, and perfectly balanced meals that hit all of the right spots.

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The decor is upmarket, but as soon as you walk in, you feel right at home thanks to the intimate nature of the restaurant. The wine pairings are second to none, thanks to a well-stocked cellar and a holistic approach to tasting menus. Dishes are inspired mainly by local fare, but there are some pan-European influences to round out the experience. The tasting menu is a must. Liath might be small, but a meal here will change the way you view food in a big way.


If you’ve ever thought that Irish food isn’t worth seeking out, then a trip to Bastible will quickly disabuse you of that notion. Situated in the well-heeled Portobello neighbourhood, the restaurant is named for a traditional cast iron pot that most homes in Ireland once owned. The bread at this gorgeous spot is still made in one of those conventional utensils, but everything else about this eatery is modern, exciting, and innovative.

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Vibrancy is the name of the game here, with bright, beautiful dishes matched by flavours that practically burst out of every bite. Inventive combinations are paired with intriguing takes on traditional dishes, and although the menu changes regularly to reflect the season, you can always be confident you’ll have a dish where the main ingredient is allowed to shine. In classic Irish fashion, the chefs here aren’t quite as remote as in other starred restaurants, sometimes even coming out to greet you and have a bit of banter. It is Ireland, after all.

Chapter One by Mickael Viljianen

This French-inspired spot melds the new and the old perfectly, utilising traditional techniques to create innovative and masterful dishes that will wow even the most seasoned diner. The basement eatery is adorned with beautiful artwork and opulent furnishings that immediately let you know you’re in for something special. Head chef Mickael Viljianen has a pedigree that is unmatched in the global culinary world, and he’s utilised all of his skill to craft a menu that is sure to surprise and delight in all the right ways.

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Although a la carte is available for both lunch and dinner, and well worth it, the tasting menu experience is truly astounding, especially with the wine pairings. The dishes have the sort of flair that can only happen when someone with supreme dedication and talent is making them, and each bite is like a universe of flavour exploding into life. There isn’t a single part of the eating experience here that’s left to chance, and once you’ve had your meal, you’ll understand why it’s so highly vaunted as a venue.

Glovers Alley

Overlooking the iconic St Stephen’s Green is this elegant spot, named for the glove makers that once called this part of the city home. The restaurant mixes a contemporary feel with classic furnishings that are reminiscent of the same past the name of the restaurant refers to. Head chef Andy McFadden is not afraid to take risks, focusing not only on flavour and presentation but also things like texture and scent, so every dish is a new sensory experience.

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Despite the clear, high-end nature of this restaurant, a meal here feels like being among friends, with open and warm staff who are lacking the pretension that other restaurants of this calibre often have in spades. The dishes are mostly from the Emerald Isle, with some European influences in there, and everything is made using local ingredients where possible. Also, unlike many other spots in the city, there are excellent vegan and vegetarian options available to sample here, so everyone can enjoy the quality that’s in every bite.

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